Join Homeland Africa volunteer abroad programs

JULY 10th-July 31th

Volunteer in Ghana with Homeland Africa. We’re proud to connect like-minded individuals like you to meaningful volunteer opportunities abroad. If you are searching for gap year volunteer programs, wanting to experience volunteer vacations, or simply wishing to provide assistance to a community, Homeland Africa has the volunteer abroad program for you.

Have you planned your holidays and summer breaks yet? We believe that you should be able to do something meaningful to make an impact in this world while you travel. Join our Ghana program to experience Africa while being part of something greater than you; contributing to a greater cause. Wait no longer! Ask how you can join.

Step 1

Register Now: Secure your place in the program by applying and paying your program fee. Program Fees are catigorized depending on the duration of your program. Please complete this step first. Once it is done, your placement will be confirmed by your program director.

Step 2

Once you have successfully completed your registration and secured your program fee, you will receive an email with a PDF file of your program guide. Please read the program guide carefully as it contains important information concerning preparation for your trip.

Step 3

•Flight- Arrange flight to Ghana and submit your itinerary details to Homeland Africa.

•Emergency Contact- Submit Emergency Contact Details to Homeland Africa

•Travel Insurance- Purchase travel insurance and submit your policy number to Homeland Africa

•Criminal Background Check- Obtain a criminal background check and submit it to Homeland Africa

Step 4

•All volunteers need to ensure they have a passport that is valid for 6 months from their date of entry into Ghana.

•Volunteers of most nationalities are required to obtain a tourist visa prior to arrival in Ghana. Check with your nearest Ghanaian embassy to verify your specific requirements.

•The Yellow Fever vaccine is legally required by immigration to enter into Ghana. All other vaccinations are a personal choice and we recommend visiting a travel doctor to discuss vaccinations for your trip, as the list provided in the brochure is only a guide.

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